Beauty Bin - January 2018

January feels like the longest month of the year, it just seems to drag - especially waiting around for  payday. However it's finally over and we're almost mid way through Feb. Monthly favourites have always been a top preference of mine to read on other blogs, especially as they're normally such a mix. From food to beauty products, it's always interesting to see what everyone is loving right now. January is a great one as most of us post our favourites from Christmas, perhaps products we wouldn't of brought for ourselves. My faves from last month are mostly beauty and skincare products but also a few classed under entertainment. Have a read and let me know if you're loving any of these too!  
Originally part of a Christmas gift set, this Soap and Glory body lotion smells an absolute dream. Normally, I'm one to opt for fruity smells but S&G have outdone themselves with this smoothie body milk. It's a very sweet and fresh scent. The ingredients include cocoa butter, honey and vanilla - the perfect combo. The bottle lasts forever too, considering we're two months into the new year and I'm not even 1/4 of my way through. I've noticed this scent also lasts throughout the majority of the day,so a travel sized bottle for my upcoming holiday may be an option...

I've spoken about this face mask from Lush just here previously, alongside The Ordinary products. If you suffer from even mild redness, this mask is perfect for you. It leaves my face feeling matte and completely soothed and calm. This will definitely be repurchased, I'm yet to find anything that relaxes my skin as much as this product. 

Nip + Fab we're a brand I hadn't really thought about trying out. Their products are priced at the higher end within drugstore skin care for a lot of their products. My favourite exfoliator had always been the Sanctuary Pore Refiner, until they discontinued it... thanks guys. A friend recommended the Glycolic scrub to me, mentioning how it made her skin feel cleansed and re-textured. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I can only use this exfoliator no more than once a week. Nip + Fab themselves say to use between 1-3 times a week but it does depend on your skin type. It's important to note the word acid, this chemical specifically targets and removes dead cells from the skin to give a fresher, brighter and even skin texture. Overusing this will damage your skin by potentially cause swelling, itching and mild skin irritation. The brand recommend a small patch test first, just to be safe. However even though my skin is sensitive to a lot of products, I've just had any negative side effects from this product. It's only done wonders for my skin!

If you're like me and have those days where you go all out with makeup, you know how stubborn this can be to just remove with just a makeup wipe (or three.) Garnier popped up with these different Micellar waters, suited for different skin types, for an easier way to remove makeup, hydrate and soothe the face. Daily, I'll wear my L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara which can be quite stubborn to remove at times. This oil-infused cleansing water, alongside a cotton pad, removes any mascara (even waterproof) so easily. This is a necessity to have amongst your skincare products, believe me.

I can't be the only one that was initially completely put off by the thought of Primark makeup. I suppose I just thought the products would do nothing for my skin and the quality would be poor. Eventually I started hearing how good the lip liners were, so I purchased these a few months back - they're really creamy and glide on your lips. An absolute steal for £1.50. More recently, their eye shadow range stood out to me and all I seem to do is use eye shadows for highlighters. I'd actually compare this formula to the Makeup Revolution strobe highlighters, they apply so easily and the pigment just pops! As if this eye shadow couldn't get any better, it cost 90p. This just makes me question whether highlighter that is £25-£40 is even worth it? 

I'm cheating a bit here with the photography for the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, let's just say.. it's no longer in it's best shape. Who chose to make the packaging white?!  Moving on. My Morphe 35OS has been my absolute go-to palette for creating any eye shadow look, the pigment is incredible and the price even more so. When this palette was released I wasn't too sure on it as I would never, ever turn to greens, purples or blue tones. Props to you guys who can rock these colours without looking beaten black and blue. However, I always find myself going for the neutral matte tones and combining them with the shimmers. This palette was £37.00 over on Beauty Bay, no regrets here at all.     

New Year, new me blah blah. Honestly though, I think 99.9% of us start the new year with the idea that we will stick to the gym, attempt to make it 3-4 times a week, cut out all the sugar then before we know it we're making excuses to miss the spinning class and find ourselves at home with a 'share' pack of Maltesers. Guilty. However, I did decide to splash out a bit on some new gym gear from Nike. Before, I'd be quite content with a pair of gym leggings from Primark, until trying out these of course. The Nike Pro Training Tights feel like they're the next best thing, in terms of comfy/cosiness, after pyjamas. The fit comes close to perfect. As for gym trainers, I've always had Nike but often whilst wearing them in, blisters would be sure to appear. The Tanjun trainers are so soft and comfortable, I'm yet to find a better pair than these. Both of these have a well deserved a spot on the January favourites list 

Where do I even begin with this film?! The cast? the soundtrack? For those of you who have seen this film can we all agree that we have had the playlist on repeat for the past month. The film stars a phenomenal cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Zendaya Coleman, Zac Efron and the stunning voices from Keala Settle and Rebecca Ferguson. The original musical that tells the story of P. T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) and how his imagination evolved to create his vision and produce a global sensational show business. This film is so uplifting and inspiring. It touches on so many relevant issues that we all face in our lives and shows we can embrace our differences as well as confront any unvertainty and take on a challenge. A few cinemas are still currently showcasing the film so if you haven't yet already, do go and watch it! 

I've watched Stacey for a good few years now on BBC. She's an extraordinary woman who offers a real insight into so many different current affairs from Sex Trafficking in Cambodia to investigating Young Sex For Sale In Japan. She openly questions both the victims and perpetrators to uncover the awful truth about the countries views towards these issues. Her documentaries are a real eye opener to what's happening in the world - laws and cases we wouldn't even believe. You can watch Stacey through BBC iPlayer and she's about to release her first book On the Front Line with the Women Who Fight Back, congrats to her!

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