Beauty Bin - February 2018

I've decided to completely throw out the monthly favourites blog posts and replace them with the monthly beauty bin. It's not every month that I'll have enough favourite products to speak so highly of and recommend to you guys. Where as I've noticed how fast I actually go through my skincare and beauty products! So here we are, starting off with all my empty skincare/beauty products from February. Before I forget, I want to thank Maddie for the 'beauty bin' title - I can't take the credit for this one.

It's quite a few bath products this month. I definitely went through more Lush bath bombs than just the one, but forgot to keep hold of the packaging damnit. It's great to reflect though and see what products I go through throughout the year and I'll let you guys know further in the post whether I'll be repurchasing. A couple of these products were my first try actually including the Garnier hand cream and the MAC Prep + Prime Fix+. I'll link the products to the site/store that I originally purchased them from, however some are gifts so I'll just link a retailer.

Let's get startedddddd...
Garnier Ultimate Blends Hand Restoring Cream - This was a gift at Christmas which came with the full sized body lotion too. I go through endless hand creams, there's always one in my bag, I can't go out without one! When you're in a desk job as well, I find myself applying it pretty often throughout the day and soon enough everyone else gets their hands on it too. It's really nourishing and doesn't feel too greasy on your hands to the point where you're constantly rubbing them together in attempt absorb the lotion. From what I can remember, the scent is really lovely too. Buy again? yes/no

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel -  Snow Fairy is one of Lush's seasonal (Christmas) products, so I can't link to the product page sadly. It's a huge hit at Christmas though, one of their best sellers. This was a gift at Christmas the year before last but considering how many shower gels I have, it took me a while to get through this one. The scent is really sweet so if you're not for that kind of smell, steer clear! I'm all for sweet scents though, can't get enough. With the mix of bubblegum and candy floss there's a sparkle/shimmer in the formula too which I love. Buy again? yes/no

Dove Beauty Cream Soap Bar -  A few months ago I had a reaction to a skincare product which I used on my face. My skin was too sensitive for a while to even handle a face wash without breaking out further. Dove is a household name, I knew I'd be able to get away with just using soap on my face without causing any further sensitivity to my skin. Anyone who uses soap knows that if you have it under the water for too long it will soon be gone. The bar probably lasted me just over a month (although I also used this to wash my makeup brushes once my skin was back to normal.) I love this soap, it's not drying in the slightest and it's scent is just so fresh and clean. Buy again? yes/no

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ (original scent) - As I have oily/combination skin I need a primer and setting spray which will make my makeup last 8+ hours a day, especially with work. I'd read up a good few reviews on this spray from MAC and decided to give it a shot. It was £19.00 which isn't too bad from MAC and also it's 100ml - so it can last quite some time, depending how often it's used. In all honesty I can't say I noticed a difference with my makeup lasting. I always use NYX Professional setting spray (matte finish) to set my makeup which never really lets me down (and its a much cheaper alternative.) I was alternating between the two and sometimes combining them in my daily makeup routine but for the price I just didn't see an improvement with my makeup by the end of the day. Buy again? yes/no

TRESemme Styling Spray Heat Defence - It's a never ending battle with my hair. Naturally, it really can't be tamed which is why I have it relaxed (chemically straightened) twice a year and use hair straighteners in-between. It's not a surprise to anyone that 230 degree heat will cause long term damage to your hair, without the right heat protection. Hands up, I haven't used heat protection in a long time until I brought the TRESemme spray in a travel size (just to try it.) I haven't got round to buying the full size yet but I definitely will. I'd say it softens my hair but as I use a lot of creams and oils on my hair before and after straightening, its hard to tell. Buy again? yes/no

Lush - The Experimenter Bath Bomb - Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Lush. Their shower gels, bubble bars, bath bombs, face masks.. the lot. I'm yet to be disappointed but their products and I've used them for years. When I left ASOS the girls were lovely enough to get me a couple, The Experimenter being one of them. The bath bomb leaves the water full of vibrant colour and a shimmer in the water. Another hit by Lush! Buy again? yes/no

GOSH Velvet Touch Primer & Setting Powder - Transparent - As I said earlier in the post, I have oily/combination skin. Which means I go through my setting powder like crazy. I've been through many, many finishing powder's and finally gave this a go. GOSH was a brand I'd never heard of before but thought eh, give it a shot. I've been using this powder to set my makeup for .. probably at least two years now. I tried the Kat Von D 'Lock-It' setting powder when I brought this in Sephora, last year in Paris, but It was awful for my skin. It showed my pores like crazy within an hour and made my makeup look stupidly cakey so.. back to GOSH it was. It's a shame the Kat Von D powder didn't work as I read so many amazing reviews on it, but our skin is all different so it just wasn't suited to mine. When my GOSH powder ran out I actually decided to give the MUA Pro Loose Powder (in translucent) a go. It was half the price at £5.00 and it's a larger size. It's working really well for my skin and I'll probably continue to buy MUA from now on. If GOSH lowered their price for the powder, I'd definitely buy it again. Buy again? yes/no

What's your opinion?