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Whoop, the first hair care post on the blog - exciting! In my recent Instagram post you may have seen that I was given the lovely Hallelujah Hair Care Oil by Forest & Shore and spoke briefly about the condition of my hair and how I tame it. I thought I'd share a post with you guys and go into a bit more detail as me and my hair seem to have an ongoing daily battle - but we're getting there, slowly.

So I have Afro-textured hair (but with all the straightening and relaxing over the years, my natural hair is more bushy than tight Afro curls these days.) Shout out to all the Afro haired girls who have managed to keep their natural curls and not go for a stroll down the path of straightening your hair daily. As a result it's dry, damaged and sadly I can't turn this around over night. But...dun, dun, dun I've discovered Palmer's Manuka Flower shampoo, conditioner and my new favourite deep conditioner (this literally brought  my extensions back to life.

I've tried endless shampoo and conditioners. Those aimed at curly hair, dry hair, damaged hair, black hair, African hair, frizzy hair, you name it - I've tried it. There's two things that I need to have from my shampoo and conditioner and that is moisture and a de-tangler. There's nothing worse than having to spend a further 10 minutes tugging at your hair, attempting to comb it through after washing. It's even more depressing when you see the knots of hair fall to your hair is short as it is!

Palmers though, hats off to ya. Not only do I love your cocoa-butter body moisturiser and lip balm but also now your hair wash products. Finally, products that soften and add moisture to my hair, allowing an easy comb through and making it so much easier to tame. Have I raved about these products enough yet? You can grab this range at Superdrug online or in-store (this may be in selected stores.)

Post wash, additional moisture is required for my hair - just reminding you how dry my hair is guys. I've been loving the Dark & Lovely Rich & Natural Coconut Oil and the African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage lotion. Both of these products were purchased in a hair care store tailored to black hair so I'm not actually sure where these can be purchased online. The pair together work really well before applying heat to my hair as well as post blow drying and straightening.

The moisture locks in and adds a natural shine to my hair, without it looking greasy, and seals any flyaways and split ends. Alongside these two I've been using the TRESemme Keratin Smooth heat protect spray and of course the Forest and Shore hair oil. This sounds like a lot of oil and moisture going into my hair but believe me, it needs it. 

I'm always up for new hair product suggestions, especially for my hair type. So if you have any comment below or DM me on Instagram. xx

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