A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place

My makeup brushes aren't as bad as they look. Promise. Perhaps you won't believe me if I say they were washed only a week before this photo was taken. Anyone else find washing their brushes an absolute chore? This isn't even all of them. Just the ones I use daily. I remember when I first got into makeup all I had was my one Avon powder brush and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. This was what, 6-7 years ago? Now my collection requires multiple storage options and it's own side of the room, sigh. It's only ever getting bigger too, I could easily say I buy at least one new beauty product a week. Far too easy to do so. But I like order. I like everything to have it's own place which is both convenient and tidy, especially now that the products feel like they're breeding over night. I certainly don't own a huge collection of products and makeup, (I'm looking at you @gotskininthegame and @agoodskinday) but I own enough to think about placement and storage space. 
Every person on planet earth (slight exaggeration) has seen these plant pots from IKEA. They're all over Instagram, Weheartit and Pinterest. Super cheap and do the job, I use them to hold my makeup brushes as you can see.
I used to store all my oils, palettes, highlighters and individual eyeshadow's in the white basket. It was convenient to have them all in one place but as I kept buying more it felt more like rummaging through a bargain bin to find the product I was after. So I brought a 3 section acrylic tray from Amazon to store these in. Way more appealing and convenient for me.

On the right is my makeup bag from Cath Kidston. It's pretty large, I don't really have a small travel makeup bag so if I'm going anywhere this is coming with me! This holds basically everything else (eyebrow products, concealer's, colour correctors, powders etc.)

These handy storage towers from Argos hold a ton of my other products and they were only £13.49 each. I've got all my hair care products, other skin care products, face masks/washes, soaps, bath bombs, shower gels, body lotions, nail polishes, perfumes and body sprays stored away neatly in these. They're really deep individual containers so they hold plenty.

I brought this copper letter rack from Asda for £8 to store my palettes in. It's currently holding the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Morphe 35O palette, Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette, Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette, Sephora Strobing palette, Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals and Sleek Cream Contour Kit. So quite a few but I definitely couldn't squeeze anymore on there. It looks a hell of a lot better than it did before in the white wicker basket, poking out at the top. 

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the ultimate makeup and beauty blog, Makeup Savvy. She has a little page titled 'eBay finds' and that's where I found this little holder for my beauty blender. I paid no more than £1.50 for it, bargain. Personally it's a hell of a lot easier having the blender within reach than hunting through your makeup bag to find it at the bottom covered it god knows what.

The beauty blender holder you can purchase through eBay just here for £1.25 but it is shipped from China so expect it within 3-5 weeks. The acrylic organiser I got last year from Primark for no more than £3.50. It holds 10 of my lip stick/glosses as well as my MAC bronzer and blot powder. 

Most recently purchased was this handy 3 section acrylic storage organiser from Amazon for £6.99. What I love about it most is how wide each section is, it holds a good amount of products rather than needing to double up on these. I'm aware my beauty blender looks a tad mouldy, I promise it's just a mixture of foundation, concealer and powder. I swear.

Depending what products you own different storage options will work for you. The tray organisers within drawers and acrylic chests are very popular but I just don't have the kind of products that would work with this type of style. My makeup is far more organised now and everything is within reach which makes a huge difference when getting ready. 

What's your opinion?