Beauty Bin - March 2018

Another month for the beauty bin, I actually love doing this post. When you keep hold of all the products you go through the first thing that comes into my mind is actually how much they total! I'm not a huge spender on beauty products but I buy a new thing at least once a week probably - this adds up. This month though the majority of items have lasted me a month or so, like the Africa's best deep conditioner...I never thought I'd make it to the bottom of this bottle. A couple of face masks and body mists have made their way into the beauty bin this month too, these are from Christmas! What else is in here?

So what have I got here? Face masks, shower gel, setting powder, deep conditioner, a couple of body mists from Boots and a perfume from Next. Bit of a mixture this month but this will most likely be the case every month.

Original Source Cherry and Almond Milk Shower Gel - Mmm. This smells so good. I purchased this around last November for £1 from Wilkinsons (this brand is always on offer in supermarkets as well.) Original Source has been in our household for years, they offer so many scents I've had loads over time. Definitely reccomend. Buy again? yes/no

Boots Extracts Strawberry Body Spray & Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Spray - I wear a combination of perfume and body spray's but these type of bottles are great for your bag if you're on the go. I own far more body mists/sprays than perfume, this comes down to the cost of course. Sanctuary brought out a gorgeous new range just before Christmas and ugh the smell is gorgeous, almost wish it were edible. Both the mini's came as part of a set which I got in the Boots half price post Christmale sale. Something ridiculously cheap like £3 for a set of £3. I've tried all three in the range of these scents, vanilla, strawberry and mango. Vanilla is definitely at the top, it just smells like vanilla ice-cream, delish. I've got a lot of body sprays I need to just at the minute so I'm in no rush to buy these again for now. Buy again? yes/no

Next Cashmere 30ml Eau De Parfum - A gift from Christmas (I'm starting to see a pattern here - all the Christmas goodies have come out to play.) This scent is really soft and sublte, Next describe this as a luxurious, soft and sensuous fragrance combining beautiful florals and delicate powdery musks. It's really lovely for an everyday scent, it's certainly not too florally or over powering. Buy again? yes/no

Africa's Best Deep Conditioner - I've tried many deep conditioners over the years, none that were worth rebuying if I'm completely honest. This however always ensured my hair was tangle free and felt so much more nourished. The only reason I didn't repurchase this was because I wanted to try the Mauka Honey range, which has turned out to be amazing. I would definitely revisit this deep conditioner and do enjoy other haircare products in this range but for now I'm satisfied with my Palmers deep conditioner. Buy again? yes/no

Origins Out Of Trouble Face Mask Pod - Back in December I brought the x6 Origins face mask pack from Debenhams. For £15.00 it was a bargain as the masks cost around £25+ and you get a lot of uses out of the small pot. You can buy them individually at LookFantastic for £2.50 but I'm not able to locate the link anymore unfortunately. Buy again? yes/no
L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Face Mask - When I was working for ASOS they handed out samples of these in random packages - this was enough to make me fall in love with the mask and purchase the full size. The mask seemed to work wonders for my redness but I believe my skin soon enough as I was running out of the pot which is a shame. Buy again? yes/no

Collection Sheer Loose Powder Translucent - I have such an ongoing battle with setting powders. I've tried from this Collection powder to Kat Von D Lock-It Powder, nothing seems to keep my makeup sitting all day, damn oily skin. I tend to mix this powder with my MUA Professional Loose Setting Powder and it tends to stay slightly longer. This is the third pot of this I've brought and for the small fortune it costs I'll continue to purchase it. Buy again? yes/no

What's your opinion?