High End Beauty and Skincare Products | Wishlist

A couple of these products I've had before (the Clarins Oil and Originals Out Of Trouble Face mask - both I'm in love with.) I'll recommend the Clarins Oil to anyone and everyone. Speaking of Origins, I seem to have added half of my skincare wish list from that brand. Origins GinZing is all over Instagram and beauty blogger posts. As you may have seen from one of my original posts to the Origins Ginger collection on my Instagram, I have the mini products that were in a gift set from Christmas. A gift from me to me, of course.


Now, anyone that truly knows me would probably say that my makeup wish list could go on for days, it really could. Although strangely I find it hard choosing high end compared to drug store. I'm aware some brands like Benefit could be named as a drug store brand, but it's definitely one of the pricier lines compared to say, Maybelline. 

That eye shadow palette, bottom left - you see it? I tried to get this last August online and abroad in Paris (several Sephora stores later) no luck. I've not even managed to hunt it down in the UK since, I suppose I could venture over to Depop but, it's not a necessity right now. I need to tell myself this more often I think. MAC Blot Powder is such a handy product to carry around for all you oily skin types like moi, highly recommended.

I'll slowly gather bits from the list but for now my holidays are definitely a priority so makeup is on hold for the moment, sad times for me eh.


What's your opinion?