Holiday Ready With ASOS

If you're following me on Instagram you'll know I have a short break booked for the beginning of June (and now July to Rome - whoop!) Booking the holiday itself is exciting, definitely, but the holiday shop... gotta love that too. Who better to shop with than ASOS? Maybe everyone isn't in the same boat here but they offer such variety and daily new arrivals, it's a no brainer. I've put together a few of my favourite pieces from ASOS for a summer holiday. Check them out! *It's also worth noting that stock levels change rather fast on the site so if you're able to add sizes to your saved items and keep an eye on them that way, it's worth it*

These woven bags are very in right now I've noticed. Only to see that they're selling for next to nothing abroad on the markets, typical. I'm in love with the style though, perfect for a summers beach holiday.   

 These appear pretty small in the photos but believe me they're oversized - your typical beach bag indeed. I doubt I'll take one of these abroad as I'm away for a short period and it's only me going - not that much that will require a large beach bag. These are really cute though, love seeing the pom poms making their way back this year again.

For those of us that can't have the Raybans, yet, we seek alternatives. By no means am I looking for replica's but I need to like that style. A beaut pair of sunnies for your summer holiday is a must. 

Not really a huge hat fan for holidays but the beach bum one I'm 50/50 on buying. Fedora hats are pretty cute too.

Bikini Lab Convertible Floral Bikini £50.00, Bikini Lab Hipster Bottoms £23.00South Beach Floral Applique Bandeau Bikini £41.00

I haven't brought any swimming suits for this trip, I much prefer bikinis but I understand not everyone feels the same.I grabbed the PrettyLittleThing Stiped Bikni for now - love the colour scheme.

The middle sundress I added to my saved items a good 4-5 weeks ago and by the time it came round to buying it, it's gone! ASOS stock can come in and out so fast... best advice? Buy it when you see it. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled though.  

In love with the ASOS DESIGN range - they're offering some amazing styles for the price too. Managed to grab the jumpsuit in arrow print, love how casual and comfortable this looks. 

Whether you're all for the print or casual denim shorts - ASOS has you sorted. I seem to have shopped the jumpsuits, dresses and play suits for this holiday but normally I take a few pairs of shorts. Easy to style, can't go wrong.

Every holiday needs a good pair of flip flops (that won't rub your feet raw!) and a pair of sandals for the dressier outfits - that's my logic anyway. I still need to invest in a pair of Havaianas but I have brought the New Look flat sliders and they are lovely. Also, note the pom poms again - love them!

What's your opinion?