5 Places In Europe I Have To Visit!

Since following @living_europe my Instagram explore page seems to be full of beautiful sights in Europe. It sounds daft but I didn't even realise half of these places existed and just how amazing the views are. I have a break booked in June to visit Cambrills, a costal town in Spain, for a few nights. As it's my first trip completely solo I thought I'd start with Spain, a country I've visited several times in my life and just plan a 4 night trip. Since booking this a few months ago I've been looking at holidays a bit more... exotic. From Dubai to a cruise around the Caribbean islands then somehow branching out to a Safari trip in South Africa. Needless to say, these holidays come up pretty pricey compared to a a little getaway in Europe. As I seem to be holiday browsing for days on end I thought I'd put together my top 5 destinations I want to see in Europe. No order here, I just know I have to see them.
Rome, Italy - 
Who doesn't want to visit Rome? I need 101 snaps of the Trevi Fountain for starters and then see how much ice-cream and pasta I can get through whilst I'm there. Valid reason to go in my eyes. Besides this, the architecture and ruins look amazing to wander and explore. Since writing this post I actually booked Rome for this July - can't wait! 
Mykonos, Greece - 
So I want to visit Santorini too, of course, but money will only stretch so far - you know? Mykonos is my priority for now over the two. Zoe's snaps and video only made me want to go more, it looks beautiful.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - 
Okay Amsterdam is dirt cheap for flights so I'm still questioning why I haven't booked this yet. I'd say a weekend break is perfectly suited too so spending money shouldn't be ridicuously high either. This city is so picturesque, hopefully make this a 2018 trip!

┼áibenik, Croatia - 
I hardly hear about Croatia but a friend told me about the Krka National Park over there - sold. I'm certainly not getting these views in the UK anytime soon so Croatia, I'm coming for you.

Prague, Czech Republic -
Prague never really came to my mind as a top Europe trip to take but it's proving popular lately. The Charles Bridge at night looks pretty impressive and needless to say so does the rest of the architecture and design of the city.

Let's see what trips make my 2018/2019 ♡

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