Exploring Instagram Hotspots In London

If you don't know already I am pretty much obsessed with Instagram and a lot of accounts that I follow recently seem to be travel bloggers. Now as much as I love snaps in beautiful Bali, accounts such as @prettylittlelondon and @wanderforawhile are still a few favourites of mine for uploading beautiful spots in London. I live quite local to London, roughly 25 minutes in the train to get to Kings Cross, therefore I've been countless times since my early teens. Lately however top locations for Instagram have become a thing. So thanks to me lovely pal @sophiehearn for mapping out our route around London, we managed to get some beautiful shots around the city.

First of all, it's not even possible for me to upload all the images I took that day. I've gone with the best bunch of course rather than simply spamming you all! We'll start with Elan's Cafe - stylish, charming and simply beautiful. The cafe is a definitely a popular spot to 'get the gram.' It's a very small, intimate cafe located in both Mayfair and Knightsbridge. As we were by Harrods we popped into the Knightsbridge one instead. I have to admit we were both in and out of the cafe within perhaps ten minutes, once we'd finished snapping away of course.

There's a real chic theme to the cafe which I absolutely adored. It's not quite your average high street coffee shop. Firstly don't expect to go here and be served within ten minutes. Ha, oh no. Before we'd even gone to the cafe I heard from friends that they had waited thirty-fourty minutes to be seated and served. Now, that's quite a wait for a coffee and slice of cake right? Sophie and I were only in and out within the space of ten minutes simply because we never intended to actually dine in - ha. Whilst she pretended to be intrigued by the menu I snapped away at the delicious cakes and design of the cafe. 

There's flowers bloomin' everywhere in the cafe, har har. Although this time of year London store fronts seem to be filled with roses and all sorts. We joked that our camera roll would just be full of flowers, but it pretty much was! The cafe rose wall is often popping up on Insta now and again but I believe it's at the Mayfair store, on the lower floor. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's just what I've heard. Betcha definitely want to take a trip now.

Oh Peggy Porschen, how I love ye (exterior, interior, staff uniform, flowers, general aesthetic and cakeeeee.) Located in Victoria, literally a few minute walk from the coach station, the beautiful corner cafe lies. Again, like Elan Cafe expect to wait a short while to be seated. There are very, very few tables here and you'll find looking around that most girls spend ten minutes catching the perfect angle for the gram so...expect to wait a while for your slice of cake.

Luckily we only had perhaps just under a ten minute wait for our seat, perhaps because it was a Sunday who knows. I opted for the chocolate brownie (yes it was gooey, yes it exceeded expectations) whilst Soph went for a summer special lemon cake on the menu. Prices were slightly more reasonable here compared to Elan's. My brownie was £4.50 whilst the lemon cake was £4.65 - I guess it depends what you define as reasonable. 

Like I said, it seemed that almost every store front had a floral theme going on. The Covent Garden Jo Malone store had a beautiful floral store front going on a few weeks ago, which sadly we missed by a few days - they were even handing out roses! Wahhh. London does feel very different in the summer, although I can't quite place how. I suppose London is often very crowded and it feels as though everyone is in a rush to get from a to b. In the Summer people seem to be taking in the sights far more and it doesn't seem so dreary. Sophie's jumpsuit from Primark and her bag and shoes are from New Look.

Now Bywater Street in Chelsea has another set of beautiful coloured houses, surprisingly I didn't get a photo with the pink one. Pastel coloured homes fill one of London's most colourful streets. Now out of interest I thought I'd Google just how much these homes were, because why not. 4 million was the answer I got, yep...4 million pounds. So I won't be moving in anytime soon, dreams shattered after reading that. For now (and ever) I'll continue posing outside the front hoping to dodge the residents.

Mews, a term I didn't hear until my final year of university actually. I guess I live under a rock. 
Mews: A row or street of houses or flats that have been converted from stables or built to look like former stables.
There we go. Now were all educated. They're dotted all around the city and unless you're looking for them you won't notice them as they're away from the main streets with private plastered along the wall entrance. A quiet cobbled street in Notting Hill is where the right image was taken. The mews are definitely one of the capitals subtle highlights, it's not all about Buckingham Palace and Big Ben anymore for me!

I'm not going to spam this post with all the floral sights of London, although it's tempting, but just round it off with two shots of beautiful flowers from Moyses Stevens and a flower stall at Kings Cross. Sorryyy, forgot the name of the stall. Moyses Stevens is just a short walk from Peggy Porschen and worth the glance inside the small florist. Flowers coat the staircase and even the entire ceiling, simply put the store is beautiful. You can see my Instagram for a couple of shots from the store. How lovely are the array of flowers at Kings Cross? Next time I'm going to have to buy a bunch, this is what I tell myself anyway. 

Hope you loved the post, I had such a great time in London and we were certainly lucky with the weather. Great day, great company, great shots  

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