Favourite Highlighters - Kiko, Makeup Revolution and Primark

My favourite drugstore highlighter post is here as promised a week or so ago on Instagram! Honestly if you had to ask me what my favourite makeup product would be, it's no doubt highlighter. Don't get me wrong, foundation and concealer for me are essential but you can't really mix those up like you can with highlighter. I have a few shades that aren't quite for your everyday look which have purple tones and of course I brought a unicorn highlighter, pfft who would I be if I didn't jump on that bandwagon. So, let's take a look at my favesssss ❤

First we have the Ultra Pro Glow palette by Makeup Revolution. Other than how amazing the pigment is this palette only cost £8, I know - amazing right? You can clearly tell my favourite shades, I've hit the pan on one and not even touched the yellow yet. I brough this palette a while back now, maybe six months or so? It's definitely served, and continuing to serve, it's purpose. Another great purchase from Revolution.

Colour FX came out with liquid highlighter, then of course most brands jumped on this bandwagon and created their own or dupes. Makeup Revolution came out with their own line and I thought I'd give them a try. For £6, it's a hell of a lot less than £34 for Colour FX. I've been using this highlighter almost daily and it's perfect for the warmer, sunnier days which seem to have recently hit us in the UK. Hallelujah. Tip, when it comes to blending this you can't leave the droplets on your skin for too long or they do set and dry so be fairly quick when blending.

Left top to bottom - Primark PS eyeshadow, Kiko eyeshadow and Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter
Right top to bottom - Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter and Primark strobe cream 

Kiko Milano eyeshadows offer perfect pigment for £2.50. I've spoken about these in a bit more depth just here. I use them for eyeshadow too but mostly highlighter it's a subtle shade compared to the strobe highlighter for example. The shade is 12 Metallic Rosy Sand.

The Makeup Revolution Strobe highlighers are l i f e. Sometimes they're a bit too bold for wearing every single day but an evening out or even a summer holiday is perfect. They're £3 over at Superdrug, I need to invest in some more.

The Primark PS eyeshadows are highly pigmented for 90p, I know - insane price. They offer about six or so shades in a variety of colours but this shaded suited most for a highlighter.

The Primark Strobe Highlighter cream I was hesitant about, like I am with any Primark makeup - I don't even know why! I buy cheap makeup in Superdrug, what's the difference? I mix this with my foundation for a dewy finish and can't imagine not wearing this now. Yes, I wear it daily and it really helps with makeup application - it blends so much better together. Love, love, love! £2.50 from Primark, bargain
Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Palette

Lastly, we have another eyeshadow that is always and only used for highlighter with me. Another subtle highlighter, perfect for everyday.

Don't ever be put off by drugstore highlighters of cheaper cosmetics. I would've never had thought about trying out Primark makeup but they've definitely taken me by surprise. Quality for your money without a doubt! 

What's your opinion?

  1. These look so nice and it was a nice reminder for me to try out cheaper/drugstore makeup more often and not just assume that price lines up with the quality of the product. Sometimes I get sucked into that!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Hey Julia - So true. Honestly I love Makeup Revolution products (eyeshadows, foundation etc) but their highlighter is so pigmented, the best drugstore brand by far in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I would like an Urban Decay highlighter or BECCA products but for now I'm quite content with these xx

  2. Awesome post hun! I’m not really a fan of highlighters but you’re changing my perspective already lol

    1. Hey Sandra! Thank you, ah I love adding highlighter to complete my makeup. Try going for a subtle one first if you're not too sure on them x

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