Spending The Day In Barcelona

So firstly no, I didn't fly out to Barcelona for the day. Would it even be worth it?! Definitely not. When I went to Cambrils my airport was Barcelona so I thought it would be worth doing a day excursion from my hotel to do a guided tour for the day. Although the tour wasn't the greatest (I would've much preffered to had wandered the city myself)  it was great to see a lot of sights. Here's a quick snippet of the small portion of Barcelona that I saw.

The coach dropped us firstly about a two minute walk from the Sagrada Família. Prior to the trip I'd looked up a few of the popular sights in Barcelona and of course this was pretty much number one. It was rather impressive but such a shame there's still a large amount of consutrction going on to and around the building.

I'm always chuffed when I find a great shopping district on holiday, especially when I stumble upon a Sephora. Get me in there now. No I'll be honest, when you first visit a Sephora you're like oh my god but then once you've seen one you've seen them all. Still, I'll capture the moment. 

There was plenty of shopping about H&M, Urban Outfitters, Bershka, Pull And Bear etc. Okay, I know when I travel I'm supposed to embrace the culture but... I can't help but enjoy doing a little bit of window shopping.

Barcelona is beautiful and on a much larger scale than I initially thought. When I booked this tour I thought i'd see it all easily. Oh no. Pfft. I feel like I've seen an eighth of what Barcelona has to offer. I couldn't really wander the city and explore either as we were only given two hours to explore the shopping location and I didn't fancy venturing too far from the coach in case I lost it my ride back!

If I go back to Barcelona I definitely want to ride the cable cars. What better way to see the sights of Barcelona than from this height. 

The Port Of Barcelona, pretty lush eh? Okay maybe only on a really bright day in great weather but... it was still an awesome view.

Since I already have my holidays planned for 2019 (yep, thinking ahead) I highly doubt I'll be making a trip to Barcelona over the summer but it would be worth taking a flight back to the city. I'm certain Barcelona doesn't come up too expensive either for a long weekend either. For the few sights that I saw it is a wonderful place to explore and wander.

What has been your favourite city break to date, or do you have any exciting city breaks coming up? I'd love to hear where you've all been. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on social media. xx

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