Cycle Into Salou & Bus Trip Into Cambrils Town

Still reminiscing about beautiful Spain and my short time there. Looking back through the photos I underestimated how many photos I'd taken so this post is more of a photo spam opportunity really, sorry not sorry. So many holiday photos were taken during my short trip in Spain and even though I've posted a few over on Instagram but didn't particularly want my entire feed to be of holiday photos, so what better alternative than to post them here on my blog!

If you read my previous post about travelling solo, I mentioned that I took a bus into Cambrils Town and cycled into Salou for a few hours. I loved Salou, there were beautiful sights and it was far more lively in terms of people, bars and restaurants compared to Cambrils. 

So many photo opportunities in Salou, it was one of the hottest days when I cycled into the town.

The sea caught the sun and was glistening, I could've happily been in this spot for a while.

As Cambrils is a traditional fishing town,  Seafood restaurants filled the beach front in Cambrils.

 Cambrils Marina.

You'd be doing it all wrong if you didn't stop for an ice-cream. Kinder Bueno was the winner.

 Rather drawn to the chalk board menu, a little bar presented along one of the cobbled streets in Cambrils.

This was a real quick round-up of just one of the days in Spain. If you want to read my full post on the holiday you can do that just here

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