When In Rome - Four Days In The City

I'm going to jump right in and say how beautiful Rome is. I was ever so lucky with the weather, despite being a sweaty mess with the minimum of 8 miles walking everyday, wandering the city, it hit highs of 32 degrees (celsius) and I got to see Rome in it's full glory. What I will point out though is how much smaller Rome is than I expected, honestly I thought I'd get lost when in fact it's so easy to wander back to square one. 

Rome was another short solo trip, four nights and five days to be precise. Early July I set off from Stansted airport for my city break in Italy. I stayed in an Airbnb which was situated not too far from the Vatican, via bus. If you're going to stay in Rome there's no need to fork out and splurge in an overpriced hotel in the centre as you can get from a to b so easily via bus and I'm sure they Uber there too. 

The bus ran regularly from the area I was staying so there was never a need for me to rush from my apartment to my stop down the road. When I first used this bus line I noticed the monument (above) which is how I began to realise I was always close to the town centre. This part reminded me of Barcelona, with it's greenery and impressive architecture. 
Wandering a city is the best way to fully immerse yourself amongst the locals and the culture. I stumbled upon countless back routes, side alleys and various paths to see as much of Rome by foot. I did purchase tickets for the Hop on Hop Off Bus which was another convenient way to see the city, especially when it was so hot you soon become tired. 

We all know if you go to Rome you need to see several sights, The Vatican, The Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum and The Pantheon. Yes there are many more I could name but these all came to mind when I booked my flight initially. Obviously these aren't free if you want to see each attraction inside and out. Using Tiqets.com I brought fast track for the Colosseum at around £15 which saves a lot of time. It was an e-ticket that I purchased on the site whilst I was staying there which was shown to the staff at the gates. If you're going to buy tickets for anything over there do yourself a huge favour and buy fast track, the queues can be insane and I didn't even go in peak season.

There's always options for a tour whether that's guided or via audio. Once I was in the Colosseum I wish I'd had an audio guide as the ruins are quite overwhelming, in scale and there's so much history in one place. Information is dotted around of course but you'll find crowds of tourists around these too. 
The terrible blogger that I am I don't remember then name or location of these buildings. I'm sure it was part of a music school - but don't hold me to that. It's not too far from the Colosseum, but then again what was? It was another area I'd stumbled upon whilst wandering (if I wasn't hopping on a bus for the sake of air-con I was wandering aimlessly.) 

The Trevi Fountain, oh how this impressed me the most. The sheer scale of this is just nothing like I would've imagined. All the movies and TV shows that have featured this location do no justice to the reality of it. This was one of the busiest spots in Rome, which I totally expected to be, so if you want a great shot of yourself without a hundred people photo bombing you, you best get there bright and early. 
The Vatican City, also another beautiful sight in Rome. I didn't go into the Vatican, nor do I have any photos that do it justice considering the high volume of tourists ruining my shots. If I went back I'd definitely get tickets to explore the Sistine Chapel too.  
The Spanish Steps is another area that often gets over crowded, however I managed to capture the moment with far less people, who knows how. The steps were built in 1723-1725 but if you think of the sheer number and impressions this small portion of Rome has made on people all over the world, I can't even fathom it.
Remember me saying you need to explore the back streets and side alleys of the city? This is why. There's a lot of hidden beauty here which you won't see for yourself unless you really wander.
Gelato. Oh wow I woke up craving ice-cream for breakfast. Countless times I'd gone into a gelato store attempting to try as many flavours as I could in my short trip. Unless you're not an ice-cream fan, weirdo, you'll also find yourself holding a cone at least once a day when you visit - you really can't avoid the gelato shops, they're everywhere. 

As many times as I've mentioned it in this blog, I'm going to say it again. The scale of the historical buildings in Rome is insane. I'd like to think everyone can appreciate extraordinary architecture but I hadn't seen anything like it until then. In short, without sounding like a huge cringe, Rome is breathtaking and I would happily go back to see it all once again.

Over on my Instagram I've uploaded the highlights of my trip, so feel free to have a peek at those. I'll shortly be uploading my 'hang luggage only' post too to the blog so keep an eye out. 

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