Beauty Bin - July 2018

LUSH Mask Of Magnaminty Face And Body Mask - Ooh do you remember me posting about this back in February? As much as I love this I won't be buying a new pot for a while. With skincare your skin adapts to different products and different ingredients so quickly that it's good to switch up your routine every now and again. Sometimes my skin is needing more of one product than another, then vice versa. These tubs are quite costly too, just under £10 I believe and if you're like me hoarding another 20 skincare products you'll probably find you don't use this entire tub before it's expiry date!

PS... Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes For Sensitive Skin - I speak about these in bin post. Nope, I've not switched up my makeup wipes just yet. Still loving the Primark range.

PS... Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes - More makeup wipes. Not sure how I got through 50 wipes last month, probably because I use them to wipe down my surfaces too haha - oops. Huge fan of the Primark wipes for both the price (£1 for a twin pack/ 50 wipes) and the moisture that's in within the wipes. Sometimes I've brought pricer makeup wipes and they're so dry. How am I supposed to remove my caked face with a dry tissue?!

Imperial Leather Comforting Mashmallow Shower Cream - Mmm, what my favourite from the sweet range? This one or the foamy banana.. not sure, come back to me on that. HOWEVER, have you seen that they've launched a new range? Fantasy icons. Oh god, it's taking all my will power not to purchase the entire collection. We all know I really don't need another shower gel when I have a drawer full. 

Victoria's Secret Mango Tempation Body Wash - I neither loved this or hated this. We all know that Victoria Secret's skincare range and fragrances aren't cheap and if I'm perfectly honest I'd take a £1 Imperial Leather shower gel over VS any day. Nonetheless, always happy to try out new products!

Boots Extracts, Juicy Mango Body Spray - Ah this little (not so little) beauty came with me everywhere. When did I even buy this...December maybe? It lasted months! I need to remind myself to pick up the Strawberry version when I pop back into Boots. Carrying round a body spray is a MUST for me. Always need a quick top up with a fruity scent!

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, Deep 71 Warm - I will rave about this foundation all day, everyday. Of course I've brought another one since, I was truly gutted when I realised it was starting to run out. (More like oh my god, I've got to spend another £30 on foundation...) Okay it's like £26, but still. This foundation is very high coverage, fairly thick but that really doesn't bother me and will last a solid 11 hours on my skin. I know, ew Rochelle your makeup is on your skin for 11 hours? YEAH minimum. Let me give you a quick run down of my normal work day, which is 5 out of 7 days of the week. 9 hour shifts, an hour to get ready and an hour to get there and back for the day. So, yeah grim but true. 

The Ordinary, 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil  - Remember when there was a ton of hype around these guys? The super cheap, high quality skincare range. There was such an appeal about this brand. No, I'm not about to slate them to the ground. I actually really like The Ordinary products but I'm not sure this did anything for my skin. Who knows? Sometimes there's not visible results but it may be doing something behind the scenes, ha. I haven't repurchased this and doubt I will. However, I do want to dip into their range that includes Glycolic seems to really help with spots.

Vaseline Active Fresh Deodorant - Do I rate this deodorant? No. So why did I buy it? Um, because it's like 90p and I needed a deodorant. Valid reasons I think. However I brought the Sure Shower Fresh Deodorant whilst using the Vaseline one, as I was running low, as this is my new FAVE. I never thought I'd be committed to a roll on but here I am. Raving about it to you. It's the freshest scent I've had and actually makes me feel clean. I can't really explain it too well, just give it a go yourself - you'll see.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, Orange Corrector - Colour correctors have become part of my daily makeup routine, they just add that extra bit of coverage that I can't get with another corrector. The orange corrector targets dark spots, which I have many of, whilst the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, Green Corrector covers redness. The two together? Boom. High, full coverage.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation, F13 - Okay I've come to a solid conclusion about this foundation. When I first brought it I raved about it all bloody day long. Although I realised that it just doesn't last half the length of time that my Kat Von D foundation does. But of course it doesn't! Let's just start with the price... £5 vs £26? The most expensive should last longer, obv. Also, with KVD I don't even need to wear a primer, I just apply coconut oil as my moisturiser and primer, like a 2 in 1. I tried to do this with Revolution and it just slid of my face within a few hours. So! I've decided, Revolution is for a quick trip out if I just need the coverage and KVD is like, my holy grail and worth every single penny.

Garnier Skinactive Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask - Did I like this? Do I even like sheet masks? I don't know! Someone make the decision for me. If anything I like the hydration and moisture they add to my skin but do they really do anything for blemishes and spots? Nah, not for me anyway. If you're bless with skin that isn't spot prone then I'm sure you don't need a deep face mask and a sheet/tissue mask, call it what you will, suits you just fine. I on the other hand feel like these masks don't help my skin long term. 

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb - Who doesn't love a bath bomb? Whether that be from Lush or another store. For me I feel like my bath is missing something without one of these bad boys. Without looking through the LUSH website I couldn't tell you my faves off the top of my head but anything that's pink with a ton of glitter, solid yes from me.

Ps... Oval Cosmetic Pads - I'm sure I've had these in a beauty bin before, so why can't I find them...odd. Again, Primark I love you. Large cotton pads that don't cost a bomb (90p for 100) and don't break apart when product has been added to the pad. I buy like three packs of these at a time - always need a backup.

Vitamin E Moisturising Eye Cream - You know why I brought eye cream? Because we had a makeup/skincare workshop at ASOS when I worked there and the MUA mentioned that your under eyes will dry out very quickly over time so it's worth buying an eye cream. I panicked, not even kidding. Brought this little tube the next day haha but did I even use it a lot? No. Have I brought another one since? No. The only reason it's in this months beauty bin is because I lost the lid to it and it dried out - oops. I can't fault the Vitamin E range from Superdrug though, I love a lot of the products they stock.

It seems like a lot of products this month, £80 worth when I added it up...eeep. It's crazy how much money goes into the bin month after month but hey, we all splurge on something right? 

What's your opinion?