Palmer's Body & Haircare Range*

So if you didn't know already I was gifted this beautiful set by Palmer's to review on my Instagram and blog. It's such a pinch me moment, I'm beyond happy and grateful that a huge brand (that I've had in my life for years) decided to send these out to me. EEEeeep.. okay so let's see what I really think.

Let's start with the Manuka Honey haircare range. I've already done a blog post on some of these beauties back in March so I was thrilled to see a few faves that Palmer's had decided to gift me. I never even knew the finishing oil existed, it's not something I'd seen before. The oil is very light weight and doesn't have an over powering scent - it's a great combo. Palmer's suggest adding a few drops (and you really only need a few) pre-heat or during styling. It's a life saver for smoothing down any fly aways or baby hairs too. The Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner is one of my go-to hair products, it's something I always need in my collection now. You don't need to use the entire pack for one wash, I can use this for at least three washes so it's well worth it. It makes all the different to your curls and honestly if your hair tangles as much as mine does after washing you need this in your life. I was gifted the conditioner but I have already got the shampoo at home so I could use them together. In the last few weeks I have realised it's not just about which shampoo and conditioner you use but products (mostly deep conditioners and leave in products) that you use after. So combining these together from the Manuka Honey range makes the perfect combination - believe me.

The only product I was disappointed with was the Coconut butter chapstick. Where I've been using Carmex for years now I've become stuck in my ways with it and I know what I expect from a lip balm. When you use this Palmer's one the moisture doesn't last long at all and I find I'm applying it more than I should need to during the day. However I have seen really great reviews on this so I'm not knocking it at all, it comes down to your skin and which products you prefer.

Now let's move onto the firming lotion. I'm so skeptical of oils and lotions that offer to firm your skin.  The only way you can truly firm your skin is through surgery or exercise, not a lotion. I do however use this on areas like my bum and thighs as it's thicker and a lot more moisturising than the normal coconut oil body lotion I find. I feel like those areas in particular need a thicker lotion, I'm sure a few of my gals are in agreement with me here. 

Speaking of body firming products Palmer's also sent me their body firming sheet masks. Again, skeptical. You'll need to use these on clean, dry skin so I used them just after a shower once I'd towel dried. The sheets need to stay on for at least ten minutes to feel/see results. I know this is one of those products you won't see instant results after one use. However, they do leave that area really moisturised and very soft. Going back to what I said earlier, firm skin will come from the gym or surgery, not a sheet mask. No harm in trying these though! 

Lastly, the Coconut Sugar Body Scrub - this is a little dream. Anything sweet scented I'm such a sucker for, especially when it comes to shower products. I prefer using this in the bath rather than the shower, alongside a Lush bath bomb you can't go wrong. The scent is truly heavenly, very sweet but not overpowering. I like using these on drier areas of my skin or areas with thicker amounts of skin (again bum and thighs) it really softens and exfoliates those areas. You only need a small amount too so this 200g product will last you a good while.

That's all from me folks! It's good to be back blogging, on this fine Sunday morning. I'm going to be making some changes to my blog over the next few weeks as my passion seems to lie with certain areas more than others these days. However I had to get this post up asap for Palmer's as they were so kind to gift these products to me. Keep up to date with me via Instagram for the latest and greatest. Also, most importantly, have you tried any of these products out? If so, what's your fave! Let me know in the comments below or reach out on my socials 

* Gifted to me from Palmer's, all opinions are my own.

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