Palmer's Face Care Range*

Ayyy! Another Palmer's delivery. There's nothing better than coming home to a PR package after a long ass day at work. These guys have blessed me with their face care range this time, you can see my review on the body & haircare range just here. So, after I posted that initial post they loved it and kindly asked me if I'd like any top ups. HOW LUCKY AM I?! 

I'd seen these products across Instagram so thought I'd see about getting this range on my side, and here we are. So, what are my thoughts on these, which skin type is it suited to and would I purchase these myself? 
My skin type is combination, but mostly oily. What does that mean exactly? My t-zone gets oily first once I've applied my makeup and this tends to be on my nose firstly. So I was always put off by adding additional oil to my skin in case it just came through as excess oil. It's not the case at all, I've found that adding the right oils to my face changes my skin texture, it's smoother, makeup blends better and also lasts longer. Those of you with dry skin probably notice that after a certain length of time with makeup on your face it tends to dry into your skin and shows every fine line. It sucks - I've been that person far too often recently.

Palmer's sent out their day and night cream which meant I could re-do my night and daytime skincare routine to just try out these two and see how they work in the long run. They couldn't have sent these to me at a better time - I was just stripping back and toning down my skincare routine as I'd be breaking out far too often by overusing products that contained glycolic acid...oops. So I've completely gone back to basics and been using the Boots Cucumber Facial Toner, the Palmer's Perfecting Facial Oil and the Palmer's Moisturising Day Cream. For night I'll go ahead and use the Palmer's Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil, the Boots Facial Toner and the Palmer's Night Cream. So day and night I have my go-to trio. I've been doing this same routine for just under a month now and I've had no issues with makeup application, breakouts or over oily skin. If you're like me and find your face is getting oily throughout the day perhaps try the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-Free Primer and MUA Professional Translucent Loose Powder. I've used these two products for years now and haven't switched them up since. Well, of course I've tried other primers and powders but I always find myself coming back to these two. Also, when you're on the go take out a blot powder (I highly recommend the MAC Blot Powder) or another pressed powder. That's all you'll need and it will just help take away the excess oils that creep up on you throughout the day.

Reasons why I use the Palmer's oils that way round or day/night?  The Ultra Facial Cleansing Oil is thicker and therefore heavier. I believe this would be a little too much with all the makeup products that go on and into my skin on a daily basis. The Perfecting Facial Oil is lighter, the formula is thinner and a few drops of this with the day cream just feels like the perfect consistency for my skin.

Also, I just need a moment to really rave about the day cream. If you LOVE the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Body Lotion you will be obsessed with the day cream. The scent, the consistency, ugh everything!

It should go without saying but you should never use body lotions on your face. They're thicker and typically contain fragrances that can irritate your face skin. It sounds odd but if you think about it the skin on your face is a lot more sensitive and delicate than the skin on your body. This is why there are creams catered to your face and creams catered to your body.

Oooh.. Palmer's lip balm. In my bodycare range post I wasn't the biggest fan of the lip balm they sent me then. I'm a huge fan of the Carmex lip balm and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it's medicated, which is probably why I prefer that.  I find that you don't need to apply Carmex to your lips all day everyday where as with the coconut oil lip balm it didn't feel hydrating, moisturising, nourishing. Just nope, none of the above. I had to apply it again within ten minutes after the latest application. Now, with this creamy coconut flip balm I was really surprised at how long the moisture lasts. I always use this product on my lips alongside the products for my night skincare routine. The balm formula feels a lot thicker therefore it lasts longer, it's hydrating and basically everything that the other lip balm isn't. Another thing, as much as I love the quirky packaging I do find it's a little bit bulky and awkward to apply on to go with a full face of makeup - hence why I only use this at night.

I've completely fallen in love with range. Palmer's have created a huge hit with this line and even though they've branched out into haircare products I do believe that their skincare is what they're best known for and what they specialise in. That's not me slating their haircare products at all because I love that they've catered to black hair. I use their conditioner and Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner all the time - huge favourite of mine. Any who, bottom line is I would recommend these products for all skin types and there's not one product shown that I have anything against, or that didn't work for me so overall what a fab package and Palmer's you've done amazing with this range! 

*Gifted to me from Palmer's, all opinions are my own.

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