The Happiest Place On Earth - Disneyland Paris, Take Three

Disneyland Paris, take THREE. What on earth, third visit since 2015. I guess some people go several times a year so it's not too many for others but for me this is a fair few times to be travelling to Disney. If you don't know I've blogged my time in Disney, first and second, in one post just here. Everything you need to know about travelling to the park for the first time. If I haven't covered something feel free to contact me and hopefully I can answer your questions!

So I've taken most transport options to get to the Disney Park, except for the shuttle... it's very expensive. As I'm in the UK and very close to London it's extremely simple and straight forward to get to the park in just a few hours. For our first trip we went from St Pancras via Eurostar straight to the park. Second trip we flew from London Stansted airport directly to Paris Orly airport, as we were staying in central Paris this time round. Then most recently we flew from Luton airport straight over to Charles de Gaulle and hopped on the RER A train which literally took ten minutes to get from CDG to the park. I definitely recommend looking into train times on this service as it's most convenient mode of transport from the airport to Disney, and it's not costly at all. Around £30.00 for a return Charlotte and I paid for our tickets each, not bad really.

I haven't mentioned yet but Charlotte and I visited Disney and stayed for the day. That's right - the day. We flew over to Paris and back to the UK in the same day, we may have been up for just under 24 hours but every moment was worth it. Sadly we couldn't stay for the fireworks at the end (a must if you are staying over) as the show is around 11pm, but we crammed a lot in our short stay.

A few of you might be wondering how much it costs to do it in a day. Obviously, these can vary but for our trip we got it very cheap. Our flight cost £50 pp and our entry park tickets were £55 each. I've brought many attraction tickets from ATD, I do recommend them. Great customer service and value deals for all over the world. It's probably worth mentioning this was off peak time, last September that we went. Travelling/visiting in peak time will boost the cost of entry.

Char hadn't been before so I pretty much let her take the reins! Once you've stayed a few nights in the park, and been more than once, you know the park inside and out. Of course I'm not tired of the park but I won't be booking another trip here anytime soon.

Character meet and greet - something I'd never done on a previous visit. 45-1 hour queuing to meet Peter Pan and Wendy seemed a bit crazy at the time but like I said, the reins were in Charlottes' hands! The meet and greet was over pretty quickly but of course they have a long line of eager beavers waiting. What I'll always be amazed by is how well the actors stay in character too.

Oh the parade, one thing that is a must if you're visiting the park. When I visited the first time and stayed over for four nights I'm certain we watched the parade each day. This and the evening fireworks are mandatory in my books. If anything at the park made me feel like a child again it's for sure the parade. Yes, I will be the 23 year old at the front waving at all my favourite characters and clapping along. Are you judging me?

Halloween was pretty much round the corner when we visited, okay maybe a month plus in our time but Disney time? Around the corner. Across the park Mickey pumpkins filled the scenes, Coco characters and ghost characters (not sure if these are from a film or not, do enlighten me if they are!) 

So farewell Disneyland Paris for now. I'm sure I'll be back with new company in a couple of years to come, most likely over the Christmas period next time. I don't doubt that Disney would be anything short of amazing and festive around that time of year. Seeing the park in a Winter Wonderland? Hell yeah, I'm all for it.

Keep an eye out for Disneyland Paris, take four!

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